Simple C program(#2 Array multioptions)

Welcome again guys! I already said before in my previous post that I will keep update about my simple program C language. So for today entry, The program is something that most programmers C already get use with which is array.

Let me briefly describes what is an array. Array is something like a data structure that keeps data in fixed-size sequential collection of elements. And the data must be in same data type. If the array stores integer value, so all the other values must be integer. Different data type in on single array may result in error. An analogy that could describe array is a cupboard. Cupboard is an array. Inside the cupboard must have some spaces to put all clothes. This space is the elements. And the data in the array is the clothes. Well, I hope that could help you understand what is array is in a simple analogy. If you have any inquiry related to the array please let me know in the comment. I will try my best to explain it more to you guys.

Check this link for further details about array.


Alright, enough of the brief session. Let’s get start with the program. I tend to explain about my program so that all of you may grab some ideas about what my program is all about. So, this program is a menu-driven type program. It consists of 5 operations with 9 sub-operations you may want to do with a listed of 2D random array numbers.

The 5 operations and 9 sub-operations are:

  1. Calculate the total and average of arrays
    • The entire 2D array
    • A specified row
    • A specified column
  2. Identify highest lowest value in the arrays
    • The entire 2D array
    • A specified row
    • A specified column
  3. Determine the presence of an array number using search key
  4. Sort the entire 2D arrays
    • Its original form
    • Ascending form
    • Descending form
  5. Print frequency of each random array numbers


The program end after you finish run the selected operation.

One of the operation inside the program

Well, I think that’s all my entry for this time. Have a nice day folks!


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